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Superior Protection
Synthetic Lubricant and Coolant – for rotary screw air compressors
  • AEON 9000SP is a PAO (polyalphaolefin)/MFSE(multifunctional synthetic ester) synthetic blend tested and proven to provide optimum operating and service life results.
  • A highly robust blend formulated to withstand high temperatures, varnish/sludge formation, and environmental contamination.
  • A unique additive package designed specifically to maximize compressor efficiency and provide optimum lubricity.
  • A proven track record of superior service-life in the most rugged operating environments.
  • Superior thin-film protection for compressor internal components.
  • Extended service life to 8,000 hours (Recommended service intervals depend on (1) clean ambient conditions,(2) filter and separator changes as required in compressor service andoperating manual, and (3) “normal” compressor temperature conditions.NOTE: Laboratory analysis of compressor fluids should be used to determinelubricant service life), reduces downtime and disposal costs.
  • Superior oxidation stability vs. other competitive brands.
  • Free Oil Analysis Program.
  • Completely demulsible - separates quickly, reducescondensate disposal costs.
  • Minimizes oil carryover, reduces “make-up” costs.
  • Compatible with all common air system seals.
  • High flash point improves your safety margin.
  • Non-hazardous, disposable with mineral-based compressor lubricants.
Unit of Measure


Viscosity (Test Method ASTM D445)

N/A at 100C, cST = 7.83 at 100F, SUS = 251 at 210F, SUS = 52.5 at 40C, cST = 49.01

ISO Viscosity Grade

N/A 46

Pour Point F/C ASTM D97

N/A - < -65/-54

Pour Point F/C ASTM D92

N/A - 500/260

Demulsibility ASTM D1401

N/A - 40/40/0 (<1min.)


N/A Lilac

Package Size

N/A 6 — 1 Gallon

HMIS Hazard ID

N/A Flammability: 1 Handling: B Health: 0 Reactivity: 0

Technical Information

N/A All compressed air systems require dry, clean air andenvironmentally sound disposal of by products. Thatis why Gardner Denver’s support does not stop at thecompressor.

Rust, oil vapors, wear particles, air pollution, industrial gases and humidity all can foul pressurized air flows.Proper removal of these contaminates is essential in preventing costly damage to tools, and equipment.

To ensure total system reliability, Gardner Denver provides a broad range of dryers, coalescing filters,oil/water separators, drains, cleaning fluids, and aftercoolers. ONE-STOP shopping from Gardner Denverassures that all components of the system are designed to work together and are backed by customer supporttoday and for years to come.

A complete family of compressors and ancillary products is offered by Gardner Denver.