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Energy Efficiency

The initial capital investment and periodic maintenance requirements are critical factors in the decision to purchase a packaged air compressor. But consider also the energy costs.
Unit of Measure

Technical Data

Working Pressure

N/A 7 bar
Capacity at Working Pressure1 N/A 27.58 m³/min

Motor Power

N/A 150 kW
Net Weight2 N/A 3658 kg
Noise Level3 N/A 77 dBA


N/A 3150 mm


N/A 1829 mm


N/A 1880 mm


Industry Standards/Certifications

N/A ISO 14001 ISO 9001




N/A Gardner Denver™

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A The energy costs can easily exceed the initial capital expenditure within the first year of operation. Over the life of the compressor, the energy costs dominate the total cost of providing compressed air.

The unique feature of the TurnValve is that the air end only compresses the volume of air required to meet the demand for compressed air at the necessary pressure without altering the compression ratio of the air end.

Operating Principle - Simple but remarkable!

Operating Principle - Simple but remarkable!

N/A The cylindrical TurnValve (1) has a helix-shaped profile on its outside diameter which mates with a precisely machined bore within the body of the air end housing. The TurnValve is supported axially by oversized tapered roller bearings to permit rotation through a hydraulically operated rack and pinion (2) arrangement. Openings or "windows" (3) connect the compression chamber of the air end with the TurnValve bore where the circumference is sealed by tight clearances and lubricant to prevent air leakage during operation.

Air is drawn in through the fully opened inlet by the "unmeshing" action of the rotating screws.

Intake air is enclosed between the rotating screws and air end housing. The volume is further reduced through rotation of the screws and is discharged out of the air end at operating pressure.
  • When full capacity is required, the TurnValve is positioned such that the windows are "closed", resulting in maximum volume output of the air end.
  • Upon detection of decreasing system air demand (rising pressure), the TurnValve is rotated into a position where the helix profile progressively opens the succession of windows until system air pressure has stabilized.
  • Trapped volumes of air are allowed to circulate back to the inlet without being compressed, resulting in only the required amount of air being compressed to meet system demands. The effective length of the rotor is shortened resulting in variable displacement operation allowing power use to drop, thus saving energy.

Premium Package Features

Premium Package Features

N/A Stainless Steel Rather than Hose
The SAV series utilizes stainless steel control lines and seamless tube for lubricant circulation. Why accept leaks and failures when you don't have to?

Heavy-Duty, Two-Stage inlet Filter
Dirt and dust that enter the compressor can adversely impact lubricant and machine life. A 5-micron inlet filter with an efficiency rating of 99% is standard equipment on the Electra-Saver. It is a separate option on many other compressor packages.

TurnValve Variable
Displacement Efficiency The TurnValve saves you money from the start. Coupled with the AutoSentry® ES+, the Electra-Saver yields unparalleled efficiency and flexibility.

The Best Motor in the Business
The Electra-Saver motor is the most durable motor available. These cast iron, EPAct efficient motors contain more winding material than any other motor. The best motor with the best compressor makes for the best drive train you can find.

Cool Air through Proper Cooling
Electra-Saver coolers allow for operation in 40 ºC ambient. Big coolers, big air ends…big difference.

Serviceability Supreme
Maintenance personnel love the Gardner Denver™ Electra-Saver. Components are not crammed into the smallest possible footprint. All filters are easily accessible and no piping needs to be disconnected to service the separator.

Advanced AutoSentry® ES+ Controller

Advanced AutoSentry® ES+ Controller

N/A Maximizing the efficiency of the Electra-Saver TurnValve is a state of the art microprocessor control that is…

The AutoSentry® microprocessor controller tells you what is needed in an easy-to-read text display. Using the AutoSentry® leaves more time to focus on the important things production and profit.

With a microprocessor-controlled compressor, response time to changes in air demand is practically instantaneous.

This response reduces pressure fluctuations in the plant, maximizing productivity while minimizing energy use. An energy efficient controller combined with an energy efficient compressor equals savings year after year.

Your Benefits

Your Benefits

  • Up to 35% less energy costs by matching compressor output to compressed air demand.
  • User friendly AutoSentry® ES+ controller.
  • Geared air ends.
  • Maximum reliability as a direct result of its simplicity in design.
  • All service points are easily accessible.
  • Extremely long lifetime (bearings designed for 100,000 hours).
Tens of thousands of SAV Compressors are operating all over the world.



N/A Complex Needs - Smarter Solutions™
  • 1 Measured according to CAGI PNEUROP PN2CPTC2 at 7 bar
  • 2 With sound enclosure, air cooled
  • 3 With sound enclosure, air cooled