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Unlimited Start/Stop Operation
When air is not needed VS Series compressors stop running WITHOUT venting air you’ve already paid to compress. Thus, no power is used when no air is needed. When air demand returns, these compressors “soft” start against a pressure load. The result—energy consumption is kept to an absolute minimum.

Air ends Optimized for Variable Speed Operation
Gardner Denver invested millions of dollars to develop new air ends and new rotor profiles for the specific purpose of maximizing efficiency in variable speed compressors.

More Models to Choose From
Every platform of the VS Series has several models from which to choose. This means you can better match your needs to a specific compressor and get the best value for your application.

Designed for Minimum Pressure Drop
For every 2 PSIG of pressure drop through a compressor package an additional 1% of power is consumed. That’s why every area on these compressors was designed so that air flows with the least possible restriction.
Unit of Measure


Motor Power

N/A 15 hp11 kW

Net Weight

N/A 600 lb272 kg

Rated Pressure

N/A 100 psig125 psig150 psig175 psig7.0 bar8.6 bar10.3 bar12.1 bar

Capacity at Rated Pressure

N/A 39.5 acfm46.8 acfm52.7 acfm57.6 acfm1.1 m³/m1.3 m³/m1.5 m³/m1.6 m³/m

Air Outlet Size

N/A 3/4" NPT

Noise Level

N/A 64 dBA


N/A 46 in


N/A 26 in


N/A 34 in

Smarter Solutions

Your Business is Unique, So Is Your Compressed Air System
Typically, air demand in a plant varies widely throughout the day. In addition, fluctuations can occur from shift-to-shift, weekday-to-weekend, and season-to-season. Pressure requirements can also change from machine-to-machine or from one application to another. You need someone to evaluate your unique, often complex requirements and recommend a tailored solution.

The Wrong Solution is Expensive
Compressed air is not free and has a big impact on plant productivity. The wrong air system is costly—in the form of excessive energy, repair and maintenance costs, downtime, poor compressed air quality, unacceptable noise levels, and more. System design and compressor choice are important decisions with long lasting implications.

The Variable Speed Compressor— One Smart Solution
Variable speed compressors can efficiently and reliably handle the varying air demand found in most plant air systems. These compressors speed up and slow down to match air supply to air demand as it fluctuates. The right variable speed compressor in the right application delivers significant energy savings and a stable, consistent air supply.

Poor system design can increase energy cost up to 5 times.

The Complex need - Every Air System is Different

Plant Air Demand Often Varies Widely Over Time

Cost of Compressed Air Over 5 Years
Purchase Cost = 8%
Energy Cost = 86%
Service, Repair & Maintenance Cost = 6%

The Smarter Solution - VS Series Variable Speed Compressors

The VS Series- Rethinking Everything
The VS Series design started from a “clean sheet of paper.” This approach is critical to making a variable speed compressor that delivers optimal performance over a wide operating range. For maximum reliability, key features must be part of the design foundation. With the VS Series, an international team of world-class engineers delivers a truly purpose-built compressor product line.

Technology Paves the Way
Our engineering team utilized the latest technologies in developing the VS Series so that it is loaded with the critical product benefits you want. Important technologies used include:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to minimize pressure drop from the air inlet all the way to the air discharge of the compressor. This maximizes efficiency and minimizes your electrical cost of operation.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to allow the strength and rigidity of a component to be completely understood. If a weak area is identified, design changes are made before the product is produced.
  • Solid Modeling in the design phase allows these technologies to be applied successfully. In addition, product quality and serviceability are greatly enhanced when viewed and analyzed from a solid model.
  • Thermography was utilized to maximize heat transfer and ensure that cool, clean compressed air is delivered to the plant.

    All of these technologies are combined with a proprietary rotor profile design that optimizes efficiency across a broad operating range. Smart!

    The Benefit:
    Efficient, Reliable, Flexible…

    The VS Series is a complete, revolutionary compressor line that is a Smarter Solution to your Complex Needs. The efficiency limitations of competitive variable speed drive compressors have been eliminated to establish a new standard in this area. The flexibility of this line exceeds that of any other compressor. This means stable pressure in the plant and maximum productivity. Finally, the VS Series is so reliable it is backed by the best warranty in the business.

  • Efficiency Delivering the Lowest Possible Electrical Cost

    Evaluate Efficiency Everywhere - Full Load, Part Load, No Load

    Upper Range – Part Load Efficiency Gains Importance
    At full load in the upper flow range (green area in graph at right), top performing base load modulating compressors are typically better performers (curve 3). As air-flow decreases, the other compressor types become more energy efficient (curves 1 and 2).

    Middle Range – VSD Takes Charge
    In the middle range (blue area), the VSD compressor shows significant energy savings compared to the other compressor types. At about 75% of a compressor’s full load flow, the VSD compressor is 5-15% more efficient, and the advantage increases as flow decreases.

    Lower Range – VSD is Far Superior
    In the lower range (yellow area), the VSD compressor savings become even greater. A variable speed compressor handling a second shift that uses only 40% of the air requirements of the first shift is just one of many ideal applications for a VSD compressor.

    The VS Series Provides Efficiency Everywhere – Full Load, Part Load, No Load

    Typical VSD compressors are not designed to maximize performance. Most manufacturers simply adapt their current products to a variable speed drive and motor. The VS Series products are specifically designed to obtain the greatest efficiency across the entire operating range.

    The Efficiency Foundation - A Matched Motor, Drive and Air End

    N/A We started with an air end and rotor profile design that offers industry leading turndown and performance. We partnered with an industry leader to develop a perfectly matched motor and variable speed drive to work with our air end for optimum efficiency and turndown capability. VS 15–170 kW (20–228 HP) models are direct drive, so there are no efficiency losses from belts.

    Enduro®+ air ends perform efficiently at all speeds

    Flexibility to Surpass Your Goals

    Capability to Meet Varying Compressed Air Demands

  • Shift-to-shift, weekday-to-weekend, or season-to season… we offer the widest turndown range in the industry. In other words, we have a greater capability to handle variable air demand requirements.
  • Selectable pressure from 70–175 PSIG at the touch of a button—no need for a new compressor when your pressure requirements change.
  • Quick response to pressure changes that maintains target pressure within +/- 1 PSI. This provides stable plant pressure resulting in higher productivity.
  • Full line of compressors to match your compressed air requirements from 11–440 kW. With more models we can perfectly match your needs.
  • Optional integrated dryer through the 70 kW model allows compact, space-saving installation.
  • Constant Speed (CS) units available for applications when variable flow is not critical (e.g. sequencing situation with base load and trim compressors where like units are desired). CS units can be upgraded later to VS when your system demands change.

    The VS Series saves time, saves money, maximizes plant productivity— It’s like having several efficient compressors in one. Smart!

  • Reliability to Maximize Uptime

    Designed for Reliability
    We used a “clean sheet of paper” design approach, with all components carefully selected and tested for their specific performance and purpose.

    The VS Series design incorporates smart injection technology which communicates with the AirSmart™ controller to maintain the discharge temperature of the compressor above the dew point (based on the ambient temperature of the operating environment) to prevent condensate from forming in the lubricant. Smart!

    Gardner Denver’s integrated Tempest design through the 70 kW model eliminates leak points through smart, efficient, latest technology construction. Our new Enduro+ air ends for the 80 kW and larger models were developed to be more efficient and reliable than ever.

    A Warranty Like No Other
    In simple terms, VS Series compressors have a best in class warranty. The five-year warranty covering the drive motor, air end, variable frequency drive, controller, and more is unparalleled. With regular lubricant, sampling, and use of OEM parts and lubricant, you are guaranteed to have a compressor that exceeds your reliability expectations.

    The AirSmart™ Controller

    N/A Orchestrating Your Compressed Air System

    The AirSmart Controller was designed to make the operator interface with the variable speed drive transparent. You don’t need to be an expert on variable speed drives to operate our compressor. The controller takes care of the details.
    The controller automatically adjusts the compressor performance to meet your changing air system demands—saving you energy dollars.
    Changing the discharge pressure is as easy as pressing a button. No longer is there a need for a new machine when your pressure demands change.

    Communication & Sequencing
    The optional communication module allows the VS Series units to talk to each other and other Gardner Denver compressors to optimize system efficiency. This isn’t just an hour-balancing, on/off sequencing scheme. Our controller allows the system to truly optimize efficiency because it knows the capabilities of other machines and orchestrates their operation.
    The communication module also allows remote monitoring of the VS units.

    Expansion Capabilities
    Also available is an optional expansion module that allows additional I/O capabilities for additional monitoring equipment, such as a pressure transducer. The expansion I/Os are standard on VS 80–VS 440.

    Advanced Display
    The controller has a four line display with menus and tactile buttons for easy navigation. Two lines display operating information such as pressure, temperature, operating hours, etc., while the other two lines display advisory messages, shutdown messages, recommended part numbers, and service contact information.

    Making Your Job Easier


    Serviceable Yet Compact Footprint
    Our entire VS line was designed with a compact footprint for space-saving, money-saving installation.

    Super Low Sound
    All VS models are enclosed for quiet, environmentally-friendly and employee friendly operation.

    We thought of everything - a SMARTER SOLUTION all the way around!

    Serviceability & Product Support

    Great attention was given during the design of the VS line to ensure that our compressors are easy to service and maintain.

    Support Network
    Gardner Denver has a network of trained service providers available whenever needed to keep your compressors in top form. We are committed to stocking components to support your compressed air system needs.

    Aftermarket Products
    Gardner Denver carries a full line of aftermarket products to meet your full system needs.