Integrated Inside,
the Total Package Outside
Absolute Integration, Maximum Reliability

Compact and Serviceable

With most compressors you get one or the other. Through integration the Integra delivers both. Eliminating unneeded connections and spaceconsuming piping allows the footprint to be reduced without overlooking ease of servicing. In fact, the serviceability is now better than ever before. Serviceable plus compact. That’s Integra.
Low noise as standard
Every Integra is quiet without expensive adders. Operating from 68 to 75 dBA, Integra compressors can be located anywhere in the work area which means maximum installation flexibility. With top discharge cooling air and a control panel located opposite the fan, Integra compressors sound even quieter than their “official” rating.
A Complete Package
  • Controls that do diagnostics and provide service information – this means ease-of-use while minimizing downtime .
  • Motors with a 5-year warranty as standard.
  • Standard moisture separator and drain trap.
Unit of Measure

Efficient Airends

N/A Enduro airends are more than reliable. Designed for efficiency over the widest speed range in the industry, Enduro airends make more air using less power than competitive offerings. Thus, with Integra compressors, you can be sure you have minimized the largest cost component of owning a compressor-electrical cost.

Never Out of Control

N/A Integra compressors use microprocessor control technology because it’s the simplest, yet most powerful compressor control design available. These controllers are built on the foundation of being easy to operate and read, so you just push a button and get back to work. Then if service is necessary or a problem exists with the compressor, the controller communicates the need. With the AirSmart™ controller, you don’t waste time troubleshooting or tracking service requirements. Integra controllers are designed to take control!

AirSmart™ Microprocessor Controller


  • Low voltage 24 VDC operation
  • Two pressure transducer inputs
  • Informative control panel
    – 4 line by 20 character LCD display
    – 4 status LEDs for “at a glance” compressor status
    – 9 buttons for easy control and menu navigation
    – Multiple language support
  • The controller is feature rich with maintenance and error handling information including:
    – 29 different sources for advisories
    – 68 different sources for system shutdown
    – Advisory/shutdown history stored in non-volatile memory
      > Last 6 advisories
      > Last 6 shutdowns

    – Distributor contact information
  • Part number is displayed when consumable item causes advisory or shutdown
  • Sequence capability for control of up to eight AirSmart controlled compressors (With optional communications/sequencer module.)
  • RS-232 serial communications for local monitoring (With optional communications/sequencer module.)
  • Ethernet communications for remote monitoring (With optional communications/sequencer module.)

Standard Equipment

N/A Integra 20–50 HP

  • Integrated, Single-Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Load/No Load Control
  • 3 Phase, 60 Hertz, 1.15 Service Factor, EPAct Energy Efficient, Open Drip Proof Drive Motor includes 5 year warranty-standard
  • Small, Compact Footprint
  • Standard 75 dBA Quiet Sound Enclosure
  • Adjustable Motor Base
  • Package Mounted Moisture Separator/Trap
  • Radiator-Type Oil Cooler and Aftercooler
  • OSHA Approved Drive Guard
  • Spin-On Type Full Flow Oil Filter
  • Easy Access Service Points Through Removable Door Panels
  • Factory Fill AEON® 4000 Rotary Screw Lubricant
  • Heavy-Duty Inlet Air Filter
  • Thermal Mixing Valve for Oil Temperature Control
  • Corrosion Resistant Control Line Tubing
  • Air/Oil Reservoir Pressure Relief Valve
  • Minimum Discharge Pressure/Check Valve
  • Automatic Blowdown Timer
  • NEMA 4 Control Enclosure
    – Mounted and Wired Full-Voltage Magnetic Motor Starter
    – Control Voltage Transformer
    – Emergency Stop Button
  • Control Cable Kit
  • CSA Labeled and Approved Electrical Controls and Wiring
  • AirSmart microprocessor controller
    – Low voltage 24 VDC operation
    – Two pressure transducer inputs
    – Sequence capability for control of up to eight AirSmart controlled compressors
    – RS-232 Serial communications for local monitoring (4)
    – Ethernet communications for remote monitoring (4)

Optional Equipment


  • AEON® 9000SP Rotary Screw Lubricant
  • AEON® 9000TH High Temperature Lubricant
  • AEON® 6000FG Food Grade Lubricant
  • AEON® 6000FG-68 High Temperature Food Grade Lubricant
  • TEFC Drive Motor
  • ODP or TEFC Premium Efficiency Drive Motor
  • Wye Delta Motor/Starter
  • Communication/Sequencing Module