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Maximum Flexibility

Installation of the ESM 2-5 range is quick and easy due to the flexible and compact design. Based on the individual customer requirements, the compressors can be combined with different options to provide everything from a stand alone compressor to the complete compressor station.
Unit of Measure

Technical Data ESM 2-5

Maximum Pressure1 N/A 10 bar145 psig
Volume Flow2 N/A 0.24 m³/min9 ft³/min

Motor Power

N/A 2.2 kW3 hp

Net Weight

N/A 165 kg

Total Weight of Complete Compressor Station on 200 l Receiver

N/A 212 kg
Noise Level3 N/A 61 dBA


N/A ±3 dBA

Complete Compressor Station Length

N/A 1450 mm

Complete Compressor Station Width

N/A 600 mm

Complete Compressor Station Height

N/A 1355 mm


Receiver Capacity (Complete Compressor Station)

N/A 200 L

Dew Point Temperature at 25 ºC Ambient Temperature

N/A 3 ºC

Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant

N/A R134a

Industry Standards/Certifications

N/A ISO 1217 ISO 2151 ISO 7183




N/A Gardner Denver™

Optional Maximum Flexibility

Optional Maximum Flexibility

  • Compressor base mounted
  • Compressor mounted on a tank
  • Complete compressor station includes compressor and refrigerant dryer, both mounted on a tank

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

N/A Thanks to user-friendly design of the ESM 2 - 5 range, the compressors are ready for plug & play operation. Maintenance is made easy by the removable side doors providing you with quick and easy access to all service points. The simple design minimizes the number of moving parts and as a result reliability is increased and maintenance costs reduced.

The compressors are belt driven, designed for the highest performance - providing hours of reliable operation.

Thanks to the low noise level of the ESM 2 - 5 range, the compressor can be installed at the point of use - requiring no additional cost for a separate compressor room or expensive pipework.

User friendly Control System

User friendly Control System

N/A The Start/Stop operation ensures no idling time and no idling energy costs. The ESM 2-5 as standard are equipped with Start/Stop control and direct online starting. Hour meter and pressure gage are also included.

With star delta the compressors can be set to unloaded running with timed stop adjustable between 0 and 3 minutes.

Standard Equipment

Standard Equipment

  • DOL starting
  • Overload relay motor protection
  • Start/Stop control with pressure switch
  • Main On/Off switch
  • Electric motors, IP55, F-class insulation
  • Oil level monitoring, sight glass
  • Belt transmission
  • Safety devices for:
    • Motor over temperature
    • Compressor over temperature, trip at 110 ºC
    • Compressor over pressure (safety valve)
  • Running condition indicators:
    • Pressure
    • Hour-meter
  • Epoxy powder coated enclosure
  • Oil thermostat
  • Factory filled with AEON® lubricant

Optional Equipment

Optional Equipment

  • Prefilter and micro filter combination
  • Timed or float drains for receiver mounted units
  • Refrigerant dryer ESM 2-5
    Guaranteed best performance combined with low pressure losses
  • Digital controller displaying:
    • Dew point indication
    • Additional energy saving mode
    • Maintenance display
    • Fault memory



N/A For additional information please contact Gardner Denver™ or your local representative.
  • 1 Capacity and power measurements according to ISO 1217 - 1996 test code. Measured at maximum pressure without any options.
  • 2 Capacity and power measurements according to ISO 1217 - 1996 test code. Measured at maximum pressure without any options.
  • 3 Noise values determined according to ISO 2151.