Apex 5–15 HP
Load/No Load Control

Peak Performance

The Gardner Denver Apex series offers the performance and reliability that you demand, delivered by a simple and proven industrial design. With industrial grade components the Apex series is not a typical throw-away compressor! It is an investment in your organization’s future.

Instead of developing a package and then selecting an airend, we designed the airend and then built the package. The newly enhanced airend included in the Apex Series has improved efficiency by over its predecessor and increased bearing life over 50%.

Low Sound
With dBA levels as low as 67, the Apex Series can be installed next to the point-of-use. In addition to lower overall installation costs, the low sound level results in a safer work environment.

With a 27 x 31 x 43 footprint, the Apex Series has one of the smallest footprints in the industry.

Ease of Maintenance
The Apex Series has been designed so all routine maintenance can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes, with no specialized tools needed!
Unit of Measure


Working Pressure

N/A 110 psig125 psig175 psig

Capacity at Rated Pressure

N/A 41 acfm at 175 psig 54 acfm at 125 psig 59 acfm at 110 psig

Motor Power at 60Hz

N/A 15 hp

Net Weight

N/A 615 lb


N/A 21 in


N/A 31 in


N/A 43 in

Noise Level

N/A 70 dBA

Standard Equipment

N/A After Cooler: Radiator-Type
Air Hoses: Stainless Steel, Over-Braided
Air/Oil Separator: Spin-On Type
Belt: V-Belt
Belt Adjustment: Jack-Bolt Tensioning Device
Control Lines: Corrosion-Resistant Tubing
Control Enclosure: UL Type 4 (NEMA 4) Listed
Controller: AirSmart™ Microprocessor

  • Automatic Start/Stop or Load/Unload Operation
  • Auto Blow-Down With Adjustable Timed Stop
  • Full Text Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Displays Hourmeter (loaded and total), Discharge Air
  • Temperature, System/Reservoir Pressure
  • Separator Differential Pressure
Design Codes:
  • UL/cUL Labeled Electronics - Including Control Panel
  • CSA Labeled and Approved Electrical Controls and Wiring
Discharge Pressure Check Valve (Minimum)
Enclosure: 16 Gauge Steel, 67–70 dBA
Inlet Air Filter:99.9% at 5 Micron, Two-Stage, High Eff.
Moisture Separator/Trap
Motor: TEFC Drive, 1.15 Service Factor, 5 Year Warranty,
3 ph models are EISA Energy Efficient
Oil Cooler: Radiator-Type
Oil Reservoir: Pressure Relief Valve, CRN Approved
Oil Filter: Spin-On Type, 30 Micron, Full Flow
Oil Hoses: Stainless Steel, Over-Braided
Starter: Mounted and Wired Full-Voltage Starter
Thermal Mixing Valve: Thermostatic

Optional Equipment

N/A Communication/Sequencing Module:

  • Sequencing of up to Eight Compressors
  • Remote Monitoring Ready
  • Date and Time Stamping
Wye Delta Motor/Starter: 10 & 15 HP only