Hankison crafts quality high-volume refrigerated compressed air dryers by leveraging two distinct designs to satisfy the requirements of large air users. Each open-frame, high-capacity style refrigerated dryer is engineered to match the specific air demands of your compressed air system.

HV Series - Non Cycling Dryers 4,000 thru 20,000 scfm
HV Series High-Volume dryers combine economy and performance. Dry compressed air and energy savings result from traditional non-cycling refrigeration systems incorporated into a space saving design.

HV Series dryers feature:
  • Continuous-duty refrigeration systems for reliable 38°F dew points
  • Integral head-unloaders save energy during times of reduced air demand
  • Integral Grade 9 filter elements remove contaminants to 3 micron
HES Series - Cycling Dryers 4,000 thru 12,000 scfm
HES Series "Hankison Energy Saver" cycling dryers automatically match energy savings to your air demands. A simple refrigeration system chills a large volume of thermal storage fluid that possesses exceptional heat transfer characteristics. Much like your refrigerator at home, we start-and-stop the refrigeration compressor as needed. Cold thermal storage fluid circulates continuously through durable shell type heat exchangers and around the all copper tubes to provide 33°F - 39°F pressure dew points.

HES Series dryers feature:
  • Energy efficient cycling operation to match energy savings to plant air demands
  • Text display delivers Percentage-of-Energy savings, Process Control
  • Temperature, Presetor Adjustable Dew Point value
  • Trip-L-Traps, the original air-operated demand drains, are included as standard

    SPX Hankison has designed and manufactured energy-efficient solutions for compressed air treatment since 1948.
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