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Customers around the world have relied on Hankison® for great value in air treatment solutions. Hankison® Value Line Refrigerated Dryers offer a simple solution based on a long history of industry leading technology.
Unit of Measure


Rated Flow1 N/A 50 scfm85 m³/h


N/A R134a


N/A 115 V


N/A 1


N/A 60 Hz


N/A 0.57 kW

Inlet Connection Size

N/A 3/4 in

Inlet Connection Type


Outlet Connection Size

N/A 3/4 in

Outlet Connection Type



N/A 22 in


N/A 20 in


N/A 20 in


N/A 101 lb

Maximum Inlet Air Pressure

N/A 250 psig17 bar

Minimum Inlet Air Pressure

N/A 30 psig2 bar

Maximum Inlet Air Temperature

N/A 120 ºF49 ºC

Minimum Inlet Air Temperature

N/A 40 ºF4 ºC

Maximum Ambient Air Temperature

N/A 110 ºF43 ºC

Minimum Ambient Air Temperature

N/A 45 ºF7 ºC


N/A Hankison® HRP HRPN

Better By Design

Better By Design

  • Smooth bore, copper tube-on-tube heat exchangers deliver low pressure dew point performance.
  • Centrifugal separator efficiently captures liquid condensate at varying inlet loads.
  • Static condenser design - provides trouble free, quiet operation.

Reliable Condensate Management

Reliable Condensate Management

  • Models 10 - 15 scfm : Pneumatically operated internal float drain.
  • Models 25 - 50 scfm : Electronic drain valve.

Ease of Monitoring

Ease of Monitoring

  • Models 10 - 15 scfm : Lighted On/Off switch.
  • Models 25 - 50 scfm : Lighted On/Off switch and dew point temperature indicator.



  • Air bypass valve allows ease of service.
  • Wall mount bracket enables flexible installation.

Safety First - Environmental Friendly

Safety First - Environmental Friendly

  • CFC free R134a refrigerant.
  • CSA approved.

International Air Quality Class Standards

ISO 8573-1 Air Quality Standard

N/A ISO 8573-1, the international standard for compressed air quality, defines the amount of contamination permissible in compressed air.
The ISO standard identifies three primary forms of contamination in compressed air systems - solid particles, water and oil Contaminants are classified and assigned a quality class, ranging from Class 0, the highest purity level, to Class 6, the most relaxed.

HPR and HPRN series refrigerated air dryers offer the perfect balance between technology and simplicity to dry compressed air systems to ISO 8573-1 Air Quality Class 4 to 5 - pressure dew points.

Option Pre-Filtration

N/A NGF series - PF grade filtration - removes solid and oil contaminants from the air stream before entering the dryer.

ISO Air Quality Class:
  • Solids - Class 2
  • Remaining Oil - Class 4
  • Removes solids 1.0 micron and larger
  • Remaining oil content 2.0. mg/m³

Option After-Filtration

N/A NGF series - HF grade filtration - provides high efficiency oil removal protecting downstream equipment .

ISO Air Quality Class:
  • Solids - Class 1
  • Remaining Oil - Class1
  • Removes 99.999+ % of solids ≥ 0.01 micron
  • Remaining oil content < 0.01 mg/m3
  • 1 Conditions for rating dryers are in accordance with ISO 7183 (Option A2). Compressed air at dryer inlet: 100 psig (6.7 bar) and 100 ºF (38 ºC); ambient air temperature: 100 ºF (38 ºC); operating on 60 Hz power supply.