Hankison high pressure compressed air dryers and filters form an important part of PET blow molding ...

HPET Series for PET blow molding Compressed Air Installations
Designed for 725 psig (50 bar) operation, Hankison high pressure compressed air dryers and filters form an important part of PET blow molding compressed air installations around the world. Since 1948, Hankison has been a trusted brand name known for reliable refrigerated dryers and filters to remove moisture, solid particulates, and oil from the air lines which are at the heart of every blow molding process design. Aeronautical valve and control testing, pharmaceutical testing and packaging, and injection molding are also very common applications for the HPET Series.

  • Compact, plate heat exchangers maintain stable 38°F (3°C) dew points for the life of the unit.

  • Environmentally friendly HFC refrigerants, R-134a (models up to 3 HP) and R-404a (4 HP models and above), are combined with energy efficient and reliable reciprocating and scroll compressors, respectively. The non-cycling, hermetically sealed system allow close temperature control even during rapid load changes. A highly accurate hot gas by-pass valve maintains a 35°F (2°C) evaporator temperature without freeze-ups. Mandatory product certifications such as CE, CSA, CRN, and ASME are standard on all of our high pressure equipment

  • Solid particulates and oil must be removed from the compressed air used for PET blow molding. A typical installation would require a 3 micron prefilter, and a 1 micron particulate filter and a 0.008 ppm (0,01 mg/m3) oil removal filter installed after the high pressure refrigerated compressed air dryer. Hankison HF Series Grade 9, 7, and Grade 3 high pressure filters feature two-stage filter elements with corrosion resistant inner and outer cores. Programmable electronic timed drains include highly accurate solid state timers with adjustments for valve open time and for the time between cycles. A rugged solenoid valve that resists clogging by particulates is used.
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