Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers
Dry Compressed Air - Pure & Simple

HPR Series Refrigerated Air Dryers Improve Productivity
Hankison delivers the right solutions for compressed air treatment. HPR Series non-cycling refrigerated compressed air dryers offer the right combination of technology and simplicity to keep your air system at a dry, 38°F (+3°C) pressure dew point, from 5 through 500 scfm. All HPR Series dryers are built for durability, in a space-saving design. Sturdy sheet steel is formed and protected by an epoxy-based powdercoat finish. Reliable reciprocating refrigeration systems use environmentally friendly R-134a refrigerant. R-134a is known for its ability to maintain stable temperatures to protect the integrity of the 38°F (+3°C) pressure dew point. HPR Series can handle the pressure.

Models HPR5-10 through HPR50 Feature:
  • Integral Moisture Separator
  • Timer operated drain with isolation valve/strainer (float drain on HPR5-10
  • Models HPR5-10 and HPR15 designed to adapt to legacy Hankison HVAC installations
  • On/off switch illuminates when the compressor is on

    Models HPR75 through HPR500 Feature:
  • Integral 304 stainless steel heat exchanger, mesh demister and moisture separator for long life
  • Timer operated drain includes isolation valve/strainer to protect valve from rust and scale Panel mounted drain timer controls (HPR200-500)
  • LED style dew point indicator (HPR200-500)
  • Panel filter captures ambient dirt and dust to keep condenser clean (HPR100-500)

    Hankison provides customers with reliability and clean, dry compressed air at an affordable price. No fancy bells and whistles - just dry air, pure and simple.
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