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Horizontal Tank Mount, Two Stage, Electric Motor Driven-CISVWA
Unit of Measure


Motor Power

N/A 10 hp

Tank Size

N/A 120 gal

Pump Type


Pump Speed

N/A 1065 rpm

Air Delivery at 125 psig Pressure

N/A 36.0 ft³/min

Air Delivery at 175 psig Pressure

N/A 35.4 ft³/min

Bore Diameter

N/A 3.54 in4.72 in


N/A 1.97 in


N/A 69 in


N/A 37 1/2 in


N/A 67 in


N/A 1570 lb


N/A Gardner Denver™


N/A Horizontal

Compressor Features

N/A Oil-Less Two-Stage


N/A Tank

Power Source

N/A Electric Motor

Industry Standards/Certifications

N/A Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) Compressed Air Challenge™ Energy Star Partner ISO 9001:2008

Warranty Hours for Pump Components

Compression Rings and Guide Rings

N/A 10000 hours3 years
Driving Set1 N/A 10000 hours3 years

Piston Set

N/A 10000 hours3 years

Crankshaft Bearing Set

N/A 20000 hours3 years

Reed Valves

N/A 5000 hours1 years

New Technology Creates New Applications

New Technology Creates New Applications

N/A With the perfection of oil-Less air technology by Gardner Denver™, new applications are being developed everyday:
  • Medical Complexes
  • Instrument Manufacturing
  • Consumer Use
  • Ozone Generation
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food Processing Production
  • Laboratories
  • Research Facilities
  • Waste Water Facilities
  • Steel/Coke Processing
  • Electronics Production
  • Pharmaceutical

Gardner Denver™ PureAir Oil-Less compressor units meet NFPA99 standard requirements for medical air compressors.

NFPA was created in 1896 as a standards making body. Today, over 66,000 fire safety professionals belong to the NFPA, the world's largest and most influential fire safety organization.

NFPA has published almost 300 codes and standards with the mission of preventing the loss of life and property. Topics include fire prevention equipment, extinguishing systems, inspection, residential and commercial dwellings, safety of flammable gases, and the very important National Electrical Code.

The concept is simple: No oil in the compressor equals no oil in the air. All oil, even in the crankcase, is eliminated. The unique design of the PureAir Series assures the long life and productivity you've come to expect from Gardner Denver™.

Gardner Denver™ Meets the Need

Gardner Denver™ Meets the Need

N/A The need was already there: Find a reliable way to completely eliminate any oil getting from the compressor into the delivered air stream. Gardner Denver™ met the challenge by applying new technology, new materials and new manufacturing techniques to our compressor design. Internal moving parts in the Gardner Denver™ oil-less design are protected from wear without conventional lubrication. Crankshaft and rod bearings are lubricated by exclusive sealed, solid synthetic lubricants. Pistons move on alloyed heat-resistant filled PTFE guide and compression rings. The result is low maintenance, high durability and pure, oil-Less air!

Clean Compressed Air

Clean Compressed Air

N/A Gardner Denver™ has always been at the forefront of air compressor technology. Gardner Denver™'s PureAir Series Oil-Less compressors are no exception. We offer 100% duty cycle, sealed anti-friction bearings and filled PTFE rings.

Gardner Denver™'s continuing program of product research and development assures that your Gardner Denver™ compressor includes the latest advancements in oil-less technology. We can design and build a system that meets your demand.

Optional Features

Optional Features

N/A A wide selection of configurations and options allow you to customize the compressor system to your specific needs:
  • Control Panel
  • Fusible Disconnect Switches
  • Automatic Tank Drain
  • Flexible Discharge Line
  • Vibro-Isolators
  • Vinyl-Lined or Galvanized Receivers
  • Water-Cooled Aftercooler
  • Remote Intake Air Filter/Silencer
  • High Temperature Shutdown/Lag Compressor Alarm
  • Air Dryer and By-Pass Piping
  • Downstream Filter Banks and Indicator Gauges
  • Heart of a Thoroughbred
    Compare these features - Unmatched in the Industry

    Totally Dry Crankcase

    N/A Designed to maintain continuous operation. Finned to maximize efficient heat transfer. Large cover provides easy access to internal parts for service.

    Piston Rings

    N/A Designed for oil-less compressor service with three compression rings and two guide rings. Exclusive “O-ring bumper prevents axial movement of the guide rings and eliminates end wear. Formulated of filled PTFE material for long life and compatibility with the hardened nickel-plated, polished surface of the cylinder bore."

    Cast-Iron Cylinders

    N/A Permanently nickel-plated and hardened to resist wear and corrosion, even under extreme operating conditions. Smooth bore, polished finish, minimizes friction and reduces heat build-up for long ring wear life.


    N/A Cantilevered crankshaft design provides superior balance and long life.


    N/A Long-lasting ball bearing design; 100% oil-less. 10,000-hour life on drive set bearings, 20,000 hours on main bearings.


    N/A Plated valve plates and reeds of highest grade Swedish steel extend operating life and durability.

    100% Duty Cycle Operation

    N/A All models are rated for 100% continuous duty cycle at 100 psig for single-stage units and 175 psig for two-stage units.

    Spring-Isolated Base

    N/A Eliminates need for special foundations. Compressor and motor are mounted on a common inner base plate. This inner base is mounted on vibro-isolation springs to absorb all vibration. Meets NFPA guidelines for medical air compressors (Over-and-under unit configuration uses elastomeric vibro-isolators).

    Air-Cooled Aftercooler

    N/A (Optional) Oversized, with ample reserve for cooling discharged air to within 5-10 degrees of ambient temperature. Enables air dryer to work at its highest efficiency.

    Our Unique Medical Compressor System

    Our Unique Medical Compressor System

    N/A Leading Edge Technology Delivered with Responsive Local Services

    From air intake to end use, Gardner Denver™ can supply all the components and systems needed for your oil-less compressor application. We’re a complete systems designer, manufacturer, and supplier.
    When you work with Gardner Denver™, you get the best of both worlds. Utilizing powerful CAD systems, our application engineers will work closely with you to develop specifications and build a system to meet your needs. In turn, all installation and service is handled by locally-based representatives and distributors who are well versed in compressor technology. We maintain a worldwide sales and service network to support this effort.
    No one else has the experience or scope to design, build and maintain complete air management systems for medical, institutional and industrial use. Count on Gardner Denver™ to be your single source for oil-less air compressor technology.
    All Gardner Denver™ medical air systems meet current NFPA99 standards for health care facilities. Staying abreast of the changing regulations and requirements for medical compressed air systems is a high priority at Gardner Denver™.

    We Take a Systems Approach to Your Compressed Air Management Needs

    Gardner Denver™ understands that your medical facility’s oil-less compressor is part of a more comprehensive air management system. That’s why we supply complete air compressor packages that can include air dryers, specialized filter banks, dew point/ CO monitor, and complete controls.
    Our approach to medical compressor system design is unique. Rather than offering a single, large system, we offer smaller, multiple-compressor units connected to a single air receiver. This energy-saving design means that you have maximum air delivery only when you need it. You have the flexibility of single unit operation alternating between compressors or multiple compressor operation, depending on air demand.
    This redundant design assures that you always have a reliable source of compressed air and the small footprint of our oil-less packages saves valuable floor space and allows for easy installation.

    • Dew point Monitor
    • CO Monitors


    Ensuring Dependable Performance

    N/A From design... to materials selection... to construction, the Gardner Denver™ team strives for perfection. Knowing the critical necessity for an uninterrupted supply of oil-less compressed air, Gardner Denver™’s craftsmen take the extra care needed to ensure trouble-free operation and economical performance. At every step of the manufacturing process, stringent inspection procedures assure accuracy and future dependability. Rigid testing determines if the Gardner Denver™ symbol of excellence can be assigned to the final product. Others have copied, none have equalled, the strict standards established by Gardner Denver™. Though users have little need for the warranty that backs each Gardner Denver™ product, an extended three year warranty is provided.

    Gardner Denver™ Warranty for PureAir Series Oil-Less Compressors

    N/A Gardner Denver™ warrants each new PureAir Series Oil-Less Compressor pump manufactured by Gardner Denver™ to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of thirty-six (36) months maximum or specified number of operating hours, whichever may occur first. This applies to the compressor pumps ONLY, excluding head valves which are warranted for the first year only. The unit is warranted for one year after start-up, or eighteen (18) months after shipment, whichever occurs first.



    N/A The above applies to Gardner Denver™ manufactured compressor units only.

    All Units Built to ISO 9001 Standards.
    • 1 Sealed ball bearings mounted in connecting rod.