Loaded with rugged features, these splash lubricated compressors deliver high performance, long life and tremendous value.
Unit of Measure


Motor Power

N/A 15 hp

Tank Capacity

N/A 250 gal

Pump Model

N/A R-40A


N/A 89 in


N/A 30 1/4 in


N/A 64 in

Approximate Shipping Weight

N/A 1495 lb

Speed at 125 psi Pressure Rating

N/A 890 rpm

Airflow Displacement at 125 psi Pressure Rating

N/A 71.1 ft³/min

Airflow Delivery at 125 psi Pressure Rating

N/A 59.0 ft³/min

Speed at 175 psi Pressure Rating

N/A 770 rpm

Airflow Displacement at 175 psi Pressure Rating

N/A 61.5 ft³/min

Airflow Delivery at 175 psi Pressure Rating

N/A 53.7 ft³/min

Speed at 250 psi Pressure Rating

N/A 700 rpm

Airflow Displacement at 250 psi Pressure Rating

N/A 55.9 ft³/min

Airflow Delivery at 250 psi Pressure Rating

N/A 45.8 ft³/min


N/A Gardner Denver™




N/A Horizontal


N/A Tank

Power Source

N/A Electrical Driven

Compressor Features

N/A Bare Pump

Industry Standards/Certifications

N/A ASME Approved Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) Compressed Air Challenge™ Energy Star Partner ISO 9001:2008 NEMA 4

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Because compressed air is an essential utility, dependability is an essential compressor quality. If your compressor goes down, it can hurt your reputation-and your bottom line. Gardner Denver™ reciprocating compressors are proven units, known for their reliability over decades of use. In addition to dependability, you want a compressor that is user-friendly. Gardner Denver™ comes through again, with a wide selection of configurations and options designed for trouble-free operation.

You can’t beat a Gardner Denver™ compressor!

Proven Design

Proven Design

N/A Today’s Gardner Denver™ Reciprocating Compressors are the product of decades of design and development. In fact, we introduced the first single-stage compressor in 1919 and have continuously improved its design through innovations in material, production techniques and quality control.

Proven Dependability

Proven Dependability

N/A You rely on compressed air to perform many tasks efficiently. Gardner Denver™ knows that reliability is one of the main reasons for a purchase. Our slow speed, built-in efficiency through design, and the longest compressor warranty in the industry make Gardner Denver™ compressors the proven choice!

High Performance

High Performance

N/A R & PL Series compressors are loaded with features designed for day-in, day-out performance. For example, Gardner Denver™’s unique automotive-type domed piston design allows the use of large diameter, low lift valves, while minimizing clearance volume for maximum air delivery.

Long Life

Long Life

N/A Features such as slow speed operation, rugged cast iron crankcase construction, corrosion resistant steel valves and tapered roller-type main bearings, all contribute to long life.

User-Friendly Design

User-Friendly Design

N/A A wide selection of configurations and available options, coupled with serviceability features, make it easy to operate and maintain a Gardner Denver™ compressor. Compare all the features on the pages that follow. You’ll discover why Gardner Denver™ is the value leader in reciprocating compressors for a broad range of automotive and industrial applications.

Select the Configuration that Matches Your Application

Select the Configuration that Matches Your Application

N/A With many models from which to choose in both single-stage and two-stage compressors, we can match your exact needs. These configurations, combined with a wide choice of options, provide all the components for a customized installation. They are available in both R-Series splash-lubricated and PL Series pressure-lubricated models.

Tank-Mounted Air Compressors

Tank-Mounted Air Compressors

N/A Available with horizontal or space-saving vertical tanks, two-stage air compressors compress air to a higher pressure than single-stage compressors.

Base-Mounted Air Compressors

Base-Mounted Air Compressors

N/A Designed for installations where air tanks are remotely located.

Duplex Air Compressors

Duplex Air Compressors

N/A For extra air delivery when you need it without wasted space. Plus the flexibility of single operation, alternating between compressors, or duplex operation to meet high air demand.

Gasoline or Diesel Engine Powered Air Compressors

Gasoline or Diesel Engine Powered Air Compressors

N/A Truck and utility bed mounting design makes these compressors ideal for fleet and field service. Ideal for applications where electricity is not available.

Bare Compressor Pumps

Bare Compressor Pumps

N/A Gardner Denver™ pumps provide dependable service for industrial applications, OEM applications, and pump replacement. The rugged pump design assures reliability and long maintenance intervals.



N/A Receivers are ASME approved and include a pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, drain valve and service valve.


Multi-finned Cylinders

N/A Cooler operating temperatures result in longer life and consistent performance over time.

Integral Cylinder/Head

N/A Gasketless design eliminates the possibility of blown head gaskets for leak-free operation.

Balanced Pistons

N/A Aluminum alloy first-stage piston is weight matched to the cast iron second-stage piston, ensuring proper balance.

Piston Rings

N/A Three compression rings and one oil control ring provide excellent oil control, minimum blow-by and high efficiency air delivery.

Lightweight Connection Rods

N/A High-density, die-cast aluminum alloy rods minimize reciprocating weight. An integral, precision-bored crankpin bearing and a needle bearing for the piston pin properly distribute bearing loads for longer bearing life than bushings.

Pressure Relief Valves

N/A Located in interstage and discharge.


N/A Large-diameter finned tubing is positioned to obtain the greatest cooling effect between stages for maximum compressor efficiency.

Optimized Cooling Fan/Flywheel

N/A Precision balanced flywheel has fan blades for optimum compressor cooling and life.

Reliable, High-Flow Valves

N/A Single-unit, disc-type valves provide low lift and long life. Discs are made of corrosion resistant swedish steel. Valves are easily serviced by removing the manifolds only.

Oversized Main Bearings

N/A Tapered roller-type main bearings provide full contact and support of the crank plus delivers the longest possible life.

Balanced Crankshaft

N/A Constructed of rugged ductile iron with large diameter throws for minimum bearing loads and counterweights to minimize vibration.

Large Capacity Crankcase

N/A Rugged cast iron oil reservoir has convenient sight gauge glass, corner oil fill boss and large oil drain.

Loadless Starting

N/A Positive acting, governor-type centrifugal unloader assures longer motor life by allowing the compressor to start unloaded every time.

Select the Options That Match Your Needs

Select the Options That Match Your Needs

N/A Many options are available to help you develop a Gardner Denver™ compressor package that exactly matches your specific operating requirements.
  1. Magnetic Starter
    For thermal overload protection, a starter is required for units 3 horsepower and above. Starters available as mounted or unmounted. (Included as standard on most models.)
  2. Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled Aftercooler
    The factory mounted, heavy-duty, air-cooled aftercooler effectively reduces up to 65% of the moisture from discharged compressed air.
  3. Automatic Tank Drain (Pneumatic)
    Automatically removes water from air receiver upon demand. Eliminates the need for manual purging.
  4. Vibration Isolators
    Isolates the compressor unit from the foundation or floor. Reduces noise and protects the unit from any out-of-level floor situation that could cause vibration and damage.
  5. Low Oil Level Monitor
    Low Oil Level Monitor shuts down the unit when oil levels are below an adequate level. Prevents the unit from restarting if oil levels are not at an adequate level.
  6. Refrigerated Dryer
    Cools compressed air to a 33 ºF - 39 ºF dew point, eliminating additional downstream condensation in the air line. Normally, a dryer should be used in conjunction with an aftercooler.
  7. DPR Control Panel
    The Microprocessed Duplex Relay Panel was created for controlling a duplex air compressor package. The controller includes visual maintenance and shut down alarms.
  8. Gardner Denver™ Compressor Lubricants
    AEON™ lubricants are blended specifically for Gardner Denver™ compressors for use in harsh compressor environments. They are sourced from extremely stable base stocks and enhanced with carefully selected additive packages to provide long life and superior protection. AEON™ lubricants are suitable for a variety of applications and are available as a mineral oil, synthetic or food-grade synthetic. Available in 55-gallon drums, five-gallon pails, one-gallon bottles and one-quart bottles.

Other Options

Other Options

  • Power Monitor that shuts down unit in the event of single phasing, low voltage or phase reversal
  • Constant Speed Control which prevents excessive motor start/stop cycles while saving energy
  • Dual Control will allow the compressor to run either in start/stop or constant speed mode
  • NEMA 4 rated parts available
  • Alternate voltages and TEFC, ODPHE, TEFCHE Electric Motors


Compressor Pump Warranty

N/A Each new Gardner Denver™ Assembled Unit has a five (5) year warranty on the compressor pump only, against defects in materials or workmanship under normal use and service, from the date of installation or sixty-six (66) months from the date of shipment by Gardner Denver™ or a Gardner Denver™ distributor, whichever may occur first.

The five-year extended warranty covers parts and labor and is prorated over the five years as follows:

Year One - 100% coverage
Year Two - 90% coverage
Year Three - 80% coverage
Year Four - 70% coverage
Year Five - 60% coverage

Head valves are warranted for Year One only. Gardner Denver™ makes no warranty on components and/or accessories furnished to Gardner Denver™ by third parties, such as electric motors, gasoline engines and controls. These are warranted only to the extent of the original manufacturer ’s warranty to Gardner Denver™. Electric motors must be equipped with thermal overload protection to have warranty consideration. The extended five-year warranty will apply to ASME air receivers if they are installed on rubber vibro isolator pads or approved equivalent.

5 Year Electric Motor

N/A Electric motor is warranted for 60 months from start-up or 63 months from shipment. Other manufacturer's motors furnished due to customer request or special requirements carry the motor manufacturer's warranty.

Package Warranty

N/A Gardner Denver™ warrants each new air compressor package to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year (12 months) from the date of installation or 15 months from the date of shipment by Gardner Denver™. Units manufactured in Canada have a pump and package warranty for two (24 months) years.

Limited Warranty

N/A Warranty shall not apply to any equipment which has been subjected to misuse, neglect or accident, nor shall it apply to any equipment that has been repaired or altered by any person(s) not authorized by Gardner Denver™. Failure caused by lack of proper maintenance is not covered by warranty. In no event shall Gardner Denver™ be liable for consequential damages or contingent liabilities arising out of failure of any compressor or part to operate properly. When a compressor pump or component is changed or replaced during the warranty period, the new/replaced item(s) is warranted for only the remainder of the original warranty period. Complete warranty details are included in compressor operating manual.



N/A Pressure Lubricated units are capable of 250 psig operation; units tested in accordance with CAGI/PNEUROP Acceptance Test Code PN2CPTC2.

All units are built to ISO 9001 standards.