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Filtration for High Temperature Applications

Hankison®'s HTA Series high temperature afterfilters are designed to capture large amounts of desiccant fines. Housing and element construction are ideally suited for installation downstream of heated desiccant air dryers.
Unit of Measure


Maximum Flow at 100 psig (6.7 bar)

N/A 1800 scfm3058 nm³/h

Housing Type

N/A Pressure Vessel
Maximum Working Pressure at 450 ºF (232 ºC)1 N/A 165 psig11.6 bar

Inlet Connection Size

N/A 3 in

Inlet Connection Type


Outlet Connection Type


Outlet Connection Size

N/A 3 in

Width A

N/A 16.25 in

Height B

N/A 43.25 in


N/A 219 lb

Replacement Cartridge Number

N/A 0740-4

Quantity Required

N/A 3




N/A Hankison® SPX®

Maximum Temperature

N/A 450 ºF232 ºC

Three Stage Filtration Operation

Stage 1: Gravitational Setting

N/A Compressed air leaves a desiccant dryer containing dust concentrations typically in the range of up to 0.05 ppm by weight in heatless type dryers and up to 5 ppm by weight in heated type dryers. Particle size ranges from 200 microns to about 1 micron. This desiccant laden compressed air enters the filter housing where a reduction in air velocity and a sharp change of direction cause particles in the range of 200 to 20 microns to drop to the bottom of the housing.

Stage 2: Surface Filtration

N/A The air stream then enters the outside of the filter cartridge and flows through a layer of glass fabric cloth. Small diameter fibers, which form a web in the openings between thread strands, cause a dust layer to form as dust bridges the pores. Dust continues to collect on the outside of the cloth as separate loose particles. The voids between these particles form pores and flow-passages and become an efficient filter in itself.

As the dust bed continues to thicken it reaches a point where outer layers of dust shed off the cartridge into the bottom of the housing.

Stage 3: In-Depth Filtration

N/A Air next travels through a multi-layer graded in-depth filter media where all remaining fines one micron and larger are captured.

A final wrap of glass fabric cloth prevents fiber migration.

Additional Information

Additional Information

  • High dust loading capacity - long cartridge life.
  • Good for temperatures to 450 ºF (232 ºC).
  • Removes all solid particles one micron and larger.



N/A Model HTA1200 and larger are ASME code constructed and stamped.
  • 1 Units with higher MWP are available; contact factory.
    Pressure drop : At rated flow conditions pressure drop will be less than 1 psig (0.07 bar). Pressure drop will increase only as the filter cartridges become loaded with solid particles.
    Filter cartridge replacement: Filter cartridges should be replaced when pressure drop across the cartridge exceeds 10 psig (0.7 bar).