The GD Integra® Series of air compressors features the latest in technology, innovation and engineering at an economical price. Low dBA level, small footprint, high efficiency and easy serviceability are standard benefits with the GD Integra® Series.
Unit of Measure

Performance Data

Motor Power

N/A 50 hp



Working Pressure

N/A 100 psig125 psig150 psig175 psig6.9 bar8.6 bar10.3 bar12.1 bar

Air Delivery at 100 psig Working Pressure

N/A 218 acfm6.17 m³/min

Air Delivery at 125 psig Working Pressure

N/A 193 acfm5.46 m³/min

Air Delivery at 150 psig Working Pressure

N/A 171 acfm4.84 m³/min

Air Delivery at 175 psig Working Pressure

N/A 157 acfm4.45 m³/min

Note for Air Delivery

N/A Capacity measured in accordance with CAGI/PNEUROP acceptance test code PN2CPTC2.


N/A 60 Hz


Approximate Length

N/A 55 in1397 mm

Approximate Width

N/A 32 in813 mm

Approximate Height

N/A 69 in1753 mm

Note for Approximate Dimensions

N/A Dimensions shown are nominal for all enclosed models.
Approximate Shipping Weight (Enclosed)1 N/A 1474 lb669 kg

Sound Level with Quiet Enclosure

N/A 75 dBA



N/A 3

Service Factor

N/A 1.15

Operation Direct Current (DC) Voltage

N/A 24 V

Industry Standards/Certifications

N/A Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) Energy Star Partner ISO 9001:2008 NEMA OSHA


N/A GD Integra®


N/A Gardner Denver™


N/A 5 years

Integrated Compressor Air End

Integrated Compressor Air End

  • State-of-the art, Integrated design with 25% fewer parts and connection points than conventional designs delivers maximum reliability.
  • Modular air end design offers a readily accessible bolt-on configuration unlike encapsulated designs that require total replacement.
  • Internal 3-way thermal mixing valve minimizes leak points.
  • Three-stage air/oil separation involving mechanical redirection, cyclone centrifugal type air flow and a pleated filter with inside out final separation to offer less than 2 ppm carryover before the aftercooler.

Flexible, Quality Package Design

Flexible, Quality Package Design

  • Non-corrosive control line tubing maximizes reliability - minimizes downtime.
  • Tactfully located controller on the end of each machine for easy multiple unit installation and sequencing.

Minimum Energy Use Rotor Design

Minimum Energy Use Rotor Design

  • Manufactured in one of the most automated, capital intensive rotor cutting plants worldwide. Several thousands of these proven airends are in operation worldwide.
  • Rotor profile with a short seal line saves you money in electrical costs by offering high efficiency through reduced opportunities for air leaks.
  • Precise bearing size that prohibits misalignment. This handles up to 3 times more load capacity than conventional designs to offer you a savings in service costs and extends operation life.

Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustic Enclosure

  • Standard enclosure offers low 75 dBA noise level to ensure quiet operation at any facility.
  • Easy lift-off panels offer fast and convenient access to air end and motor.

Complete Aftermarket Support

Complete Aftermarket Support

    Complete line of Gardner Denver™ consumables available to ensure the long life of each compressor!

Standard Equipment

Standard Equipment

  • Integrated, Single-Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Load/No Load Control
  • 3 Phase, 60 Hertz, 1.15 Service Factor, EISA Energy Efficient, Open Drip Proof Drive Motor includes 5 year warranty-standard
  • Small, Compact Footprint
  • Standard 75 dBA Quiet Sound Enclosure
  • Adjustable Motor Base
  • Package Mounted Moisture Separator/Trap
  • Radiator-Type Oil Cooler and Aftercooler
  • OSHA Approved Drive Guard
  • Spin-On Type Full Flow Oil Filter
  • Easy Access Service Points Through Removable Door Panels
  • Factory Fill AEON® 4000 Rotary Screw Lubricant
  • Heavy-Duty Inlet Air Filter
  • Thermal Mixing Valve for Oil Temperature Control
  • Corrosion Resistant Control Line Tubing
  • Air/Oil Reservoir Pressure Relief Valve
  • Minimum Discharge Pressure/Check Valve
  • Automatic Blowdown Timer
  • NEMA 4 Control Enclosure
    • Mounted and Wired Full-Voltage Magnetic Motor Starter
    • Control Voltage Transformer
    • Emergency Stop Button
  • Control Cable Kit
  • CSA Labeled and Approved Electrical Controls and Wiring
  • AirSmart™ microprocessor controller
    • Low voltage 24 VDC operation
    • Two pressure transducer inputs
    • Sequence capability for control of up to eight AirSmart™ controlled compressors
    • RS-232 Serial communications for local monitoring (With optional communications/sequencing module).
    • Ethernet communications for remote monitoring (With optional communications/sequencing module).

Optional Equipment

Optional Equipment

  • AEON® 9000SP Rotary Screw Lubricant
  • AEON® 9000TH High Temperature Lubricant
  • AEON® 6000FG Food Grade Lubricant
  • AEON® 6000FG-68 High Temperature Food Grade Lubricant
  • TEFC Drive Motor
  • ODP or TEFC Premium Efficiency Drive Motor
  • Wye Delta Motor/Starter
  • Communication/Sequencing Module



N/A With optional communications/sequencing module.
  • 1 Weights shown are for air cooled models less shipping skid.