The Apex™ Series is not a throw-away compressor

Peak Performance

The Gardner Denver™ Apex™ series offers the performance and reliability that you demand delivered by a simple and proven industrial design.
Unit of Measure


Sound Level

N/A 67 dBA

Motor Power

N/A 5 to 15 hp

Hose Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Air Receiver Capacity

N/A 80 gal120 gal240 gal


N/A Gardner Denver™

Industry Standards/Certifications

N/A Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) Energy Star Partner ISO 1217 ANNEX C CAGI/PNEUROP PN2CPTC2 ISO 9001:2008

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Thanks to the versatility of this design, the Apex™ Series allows you to customize a system that meets your compressed air needs while achieving minimal installation costs. With industrial grade components, the Apex™ series is not a throwaway compressor! It is an investment in your organization's future.



N/A Instead of developing a package and then selecting an air end, we designed the air end and then built the package. By taking this route, we have produced a package that maximizes air end efficiency without compromising its lifespan. The newly enhanced air end included in the Apex™ Series has improved efficiency over its predecessor and increased bearing life over 50%. Experience the PEAK Performance of the Apex™ Series!

Low Sound

Low Sound

N/A With dBA levels as low as 67, the Apex™ Series can be installed next to the point-of-use. In addition to lower overall installation costs, the low sound level results in a safer work environment - No hearing protection required!

Enduro Air End - A Proven Workhorse

ENDURO® Air End - A Proven Workhorse

N/A Tens of thousands in operation worldwide.

Designed for Belt Drives
Gardner Denver™ designed this air end specifically for belt-driven compressor packages. Radial load to the bearings from belt tension is minimized due to the bearing and pulley design of the Enduro. This ultimately results in extended air end life.

Less Components
Fewer components mean fewer wear items, resulting in lower overall lifecycle costs. In addition, the opportunity for internal leaks is diminished thanks to a lower number of sealed connections.

Inspired by the unforgiving requirements of the mining industry, this industrial grade air end includes a cast iron shell and radial/axial load bearings. This results in a long lifespan even in the harshest of applications.

The rotor profile and lobe combination of the ENDURO® is optimized for minimal air leakage. This results in more air using less power, making the ENDURO® one of the most efficient air ends of its size.

More air using less power.

Mountains of Features

Mountains of Features

N/A Leading the Industry
Instead of being your typical option-less throw-away compressor, the Apex™ Series comes packed with all the features. From the easy-to-use AirSmart™ controller to the stainless steel braided hoses, the Apex™ Series is the leader when it comes to features at small horsepower ranges.
  1. Industrial Enclosure

  2. Thick 16 gauge steel sheet metal and sound dampening foam ensures a sturdy, quiet enclosure. This allows the Apex™ Series to be installed near the point of use, meaning lower installation costs. Cooling air is discharged from the top of the enclosure, providing flexible installation options.

  3. AirSmart™ Controller

  4. The AirSmart™ microprocessor controller, which is housed in a UL Type 4 (NEMA 4) listed industrial control panel, is built on the foundation of being easy-to-use. Maintenance downtime is also minimized due to the diagnostic feedback given to the user by the controller. Due to the NEMA 4 design, the AirSmart™ is impervious to outside contaminants making it the most durable controller in the industry.
    • Automatic start/stop and load/unload operation
    • Communication and sequencing available

  5. Oil Reservoir

  6. Includes easy-to-read oil level sight gauge.

  7. Oil/Air Cooler

  8. With this design, more heat is dissipated from the oil and air. The direct result is longer lubricant life and higher quality compressed air.

  9. TEFC High Efficiency Motor

  10. The Apex™ Series comes equipped with a TEFC motor which features a cast iron enclosure rated IP55 to handle dirty environments. Each motor includes a standard five-year warranty.

  11. ENDURO® Air end

  12. Stainless Steel Hoses

  13. Oil and air lines have stainless steel over braid ensuring a long life without fractures or leaks.

  14. Ease of Maintenance

  15. Realizing that an organization is disrupted when a compressor goes offline for maintenance, the Apex™ Series has been designed so all routine maintenance can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes, with no specialized tools needed!
    • AirSmart™ controller informs user when service is due and constantly displays all the vital compressor information.
    • Enclosure panels can be removed with a half turn of a few twist locks.
    • Layout of the internal package results in easy access to all major components.
    • Oil sampling port and oil sight gauge allows the user to quickly monitor level and quality of lubricant in the system.
    • Ball valves on the reservoir and cooler mean easy oil drainage.
    • Easy spin-on/spin-off oil filter and separator.
    • Easily accessible, 99.9% at five micron two-stage cyclonic inlet air filter.
    • Adjustable belt-tensioning ensures maximum belt life.
The Apex™ Series is a peak performer!

Apex™ Total System

Apex™ Total System

N/A Complete and Compact

Apex™ Total System will save you both time and space. By utilizing the air receiver as a base for the compressor and dryer, the Apex™ Total System provides all the options of a room-sized compressed air system in a space-saving design. The Apex™ Total System is a plug-and-play system which ensures your operation is up and running with minimal installation time and cost.

Plug and Play System

Plug and Play System

  1. Air Receiver

  2. Available in 80, 120, and 240 gallon sizes, the optional air receivers help ensure that the proper volume of air is available when you need it.

  3. Fork Lift Slots

  4. Installation and relocations of the unit are made easy by the integrated fork lift slots.

  5. Zero Loss Air Drain

  6. Included standard on each Apex™ Total System, the float-type zero air loss drain ensures that no amount of compressed air is wasted as moisture is removed from the system.

  7. Three-Way Bypass

  8. Allows for the compressor to continue operating while the dryer is being maintained. This bypass comes standard on all Apex™ Total Systems.

  9. Stainless Steel Piping

  10. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel air supply piping minimizes the chance of costly leaks.

  11. RNC Refrigerated Dryer

  12. Quality of the dryer has not been sacrificed in order to fit into a smaller footprint!

    The flexibility engineered into each GD dryer allows you to achieve the air quality level that you require.
    • Dryer sized for pressure dew point of 38 ºF at 100 psig.
    • Easy-to-monitor control scheme with on/off control switch and dew point temp indicator.
    • Quality heat exchangers that ensure value and efficiency (RNC 10 and 15 models static condenser technology which eliminates the need for a cooling fan).
    • Extended eight-foot power cord offers flexibility during installation.
    • Easy access to service points translates into reduced maintenance costs.
    • Operates using environmentally friendly refrigerant.
    • Optional cold coalescing oil removal filter. Oil droplets and aerosols are extracted from the air stream, improving the quality to 0.008 ppm w/w and solids are diminished to 0.01 micron.
    • Integrated grade-B filter for additional moisture removal.

Let Gardner Denver™ Take Control of Your System

Let Gardner Denver™ Take Control of Your System

N/A To ensure total system reliability, Gardner Denver™ provides a broad range of dryers, filters, oil/water separators, drains, cleaning fluids and aftercoolers. ONE-STOP shopping from Gardner Denver™ assures that all components of your system are compatible and backed by on-going customer support.