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Global Air Treatment

RNC Series refrigerated air dryers are engineered to benefit you today and tomorrow from the tradition of durability that is Gardner Denver.
Quality components and engineering excellence meld to ensure you of a stable 38°F +/-4°F pressure dew point. These exclusive compressed air preparation packages combine reliability, cutting-edge design, and innovative packaging into a single space saving unit. The air quality delivered from an RNC Series dryer may define the difference between moderate and superior results from your plant’s processes or systems.

RNC Series dryers benefit you with:
1. Four levels of Intelligence Controller (I-Controller) packages to allow you to customize the RNC Series dryers to meet your specific requirements.
2. Select Heat Exchanger arrangements to ensure you get the right combination of value and efficiency in every size. This secures your investment today and tomorrow with energy efficiency.
3. Combination Separator/Filter that incorporates our 99% efficient 3 micron Grade B elements. This ensures you of consistent water removal (especially under low flow conditions).
Unit of Measure


Rated Flow

N/A 200

Standard I-Controller

N/A I-Controller Level 2


N/A 1 1/2" NPT


N/A 39 in


N/A 34 in


N/A 32 in


N/A 425 lb

Weight w/Oil Removal Filter

N/A 438 lb

Voltage (v/ph/hz)

N/A 208-230/3/60 380-420/3/50 460/3/60 575/3/60


N/A 1 hp

Dryer Model Number

N/A RNC 200 , 250 W/ OPTIO N F RNC 200, 250

Kits for Dryers


Kits for Dryers Mfg. after June 15, 2006


Air Treatment Systems

N/A The flexibility engineered into every RNC Series dryer allows you to satisfy your air quality requirements with a single package. Enlist us to deliver the dew point stability, air quality, energy efficiency, and product reliability that you expect from Gardner Denver.

ISO 8573.1 Air Quality Classes
1992 earmarked the year the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) established ISO 8573.1 as the global benchmark for evaluating the quality of compressed air. Thus, providing engineers with a universally accepted unit of measure for quantifying compressed air stream contaminants. Namely Solid Particulates, Moisture, and Oil.

Built to Perform

N/A Package Design
At first glance, the ruggedness and ease of serviceability engineered into RNC Series becomes apparent. Fabricated from solid steel, the corrosion resistant epoxy powder paint and the fit and finish of the cabinet, foretell of the quality to be found within. At the touch of a button, quick fasteners release each lift out door panel. Easy interior access and user-friendly serviceability translate to reduced maintenance costs.

Proven Performance
All models use reliable refrigeration compressors and environmentally friendly refrigerants. Models through RNC750 use proven reciprocating refrigeration compressors and R-134a refrigerant. RNC1000 through RNC3000 incorporate rugged scroll compressors and R-404a refrigerant. You benefit from long component life, and exceptional around-the-clock performance.

Heat Transfer
RNC 10–15 models have the patented static condenser technology that eliminates the need for a cooling fan. These models include an on/off switch, longer power cord (8 ft), a timer operated drain valve with isolation valve on RNC, a float trap on RNC, and deliver heated outlet air to eliminate sweaty piping. RNC models 25–75 benefit from our smooth handcrafted all copper heat exchangers. Only large bore multiple tubes-in-tube designs efficiently split the airflow to achieve the low pressure drop, high heat transfer. RNC Series models 100–3000 incorporate heat exchangers crafted from multiple offset layers of press formed AISI 316 stainless steel. Press forming creates peaks and valleys that form media channels that are rich in fluid turbulence. This prevents fouling and maximizes energy efficiency.

Maximum Extraction Separator/ Filter
Effective moisture removal at all flow rates is the key to preserve dew point stability. RNC25 and larger includes Grade B two-stage cold filtration to ensure maximum water extraction even under low flow conditions. Stage one mechanically entraps solids >10 microns with dual stainless steel orifice tubes. Stage two utilizes in-depth fiber media to coalesce water droplets and retain solid particles 3 microns and larger.

Get Connected
The extended inlet/outlet connections on RNC dryers (RNC25–RNC750) were engineered with foresight to readily accept all FIL Series Filters without the need for cumbersome adaptors and fittings. RNC/1000 - 3000 inlet/outlet connections are on top of unit for ease of installation. You gain the installation flexibility you need today that may help you be prepared to meet the changes of tomorrow.

Take Control

N/A RNC Series dryers are equipped with control schemes that are designed to provide you with the most value delivered within each flow range. Engineered with industry leading features, each I-Controller package provides just the right level of benefits to appeal to the most demanding applications and discriminating customers.

Power-on LED and 6 foot grounded power cord are standard on all single-phase 115-volt units. Easy view angular instrumentation panels prominently display all I-Controllers instrumentation packages.

I-Controller Level 1
Standard equipment on models RNC25 through RNC100 includes: “Power-on” LED, “Compressor-on” LED, On/Off rocker switch, dew point bar graph LED display and, pneumatic pilot-operated drain trap. Easy view angular panel.

I-Controller Level 2
Standard equipment on models RNC125 through RNC750 includes: “Power-on” LED,
“Compressor-on” LED, On/Off rocker switch, dew point bar graph LED display. Timed solenoid drain trap with push-to-test button and secondary manual drains complete with by-pass valves and drain lines are standard equipment. This helps keep the surrounding area clean and dry and helps you avoid having to shutdown the dryer during drain valve maintenance. Upgrade to I-Controller Level 2 optional on RNC25 - RNC100. Easy view angular panel.

I-Controller Level 3
Optional equipment on models RNC200 through RNC750 includes: LED indicated process diagram, remote start/stop, compressor run time, °F/°C selectable temperature readings for Inlet Air, Dew Point, and Ambient Air. Vivid yellow LED to advise when scheduled maintenance is due, and warn if high ambient or inlet air temperatures warrant attention. Alarm Mode triggers a bright red LED, initializes alarm relay and full text displays fault condition. Downloadable memory stores details of the last 10 alarm events (e.g., date, time, fault.) English, Spanish, French language selectable. Demand Drain with push-to-test button and secondary manual drains complete with by-pass valves and drain lines are standard equipment. This helps keep the surrounding area clean and dry and helps you avoid having to shutdown the dryer during drain valve maintenance. Easy view angular panel.

I-Controller Level 4
Standard equipment on models RNC1000 through RNC3000 includes: manual mode, schedule mode to synchronize operation to your workday, auto restart, text display window that displays current time, operating mode, total operating hours, hours to service, dew point bar graph LED display, compressor-on light, power-on light, temperature indicator, alarm/service light, reset button, set/run button, programming buttons, on/off button, drain push-to-test button, English, Spanish, German, French and Italian language selectable, RS-232 communication capable, fault condition diagnostics with text display, dry contacts for high dewpoint remote alarm at 55°F. Easy view angular panel.

Refrigeration Circuit

N/A RNC Series dryers enlist proven components and modern materials to deliver the durability you expect from Gardner Denver. Hot, moist incoming compressed air enters the Precooler/Reheater (1) where it is precooled by the cold dehydrated airstream. Environmentally friendly low-pressure refrigerant gas is pressurized in the refrigeration compressor (2) Once compressed into a high-pressure gas, it then flows through the condenser (3) and changes to a cold 35°F liquid. The thermal expansion valve (4) precisely meters the cold liquid refrigerant into the evaporator (5) where the work is done. Hot, saturated compressed air enters the evaporator at the end opposite the incoming liquid refrigerant. The compressed air is chilled as they cross paths. Water is condensed out of the cold exiting air and is efficiently removed in the Separator/3 micron Filter (6). The cold air stream then flows through (7) the Cold Coalescing Oil Removal Filter (optional on models RNC25–RNC3000) where oil droplets and aerosols to 0.008 ppm w/w are captured and removed. The exiting cold, dry compressed air then reenters the Precooler/Reheater (1) where it is reheated by the hot incoming air to prevent pipe sweating in your plant. Finally, the warm refrigerant is now a low-pressure gas and returns to the suction-side (8) of the refrigeration compressor to continue the process.

RNC 10–15
Warm saturated air enters the Evaporator (A), where it is cooled by an air-to-refrigerant process. Water vapor condenses into a liquid for removal at the moisture separator (B) by an Automatic Drain (C). The cold, dry air is reheated as it passes through the Reheater (D) while the patented Static Condenser (E) radiates waste heat to ambient. This eliminates the need for a cooling fan and prevents pipeline sweating at the air outlet. A Constant Pressure (F) Expansion Valve (CPEV) modulates the flow of liquid refrigeration to the Evaporator (A). This eliminates freeze-ups and assures continuous, automatic dew point control. The CPEV responds to pressure changes as the refrigerant leaves the Evaporator. This maintains the proper cooling rate under all load conditions. The CPEV is adjusted at the factory to deliver automatic operation.

System Options

N/A Power-on LED and 6 foot grounded power cord are standard on all single-phase 115-volt units. Easy view angular instrumentation panels prominently display all I-Controllers instrumentation packages.

Oil Removal… this option integrates our factory installed Grade E Cold Coalescing Oil Removal Filter. Oil droplets and aerosols are extracted from the air stream in cleaning it down to 0.008 ppm w/w and solids are retained down to 0.01 micron. RNC Series dryers that include the Cold Coalescing Oil Removal Filter option are also equipped with a dedicated drain trap. Drain trap is consistent with the type provided with your chosen I-Controller. Available on models RNC25–RNC3000

Low Ambient… this option protects the dryer from internal damage due to freezing temperatures down to -10°F. Factory installed package includes heat tracing, thermostat and insulation for the separator bowl.

Gauges… four panel mounted gauges: air inlet temperature, air outlet pressure, refrigerant suction pressure and refrigerant head pressure. Dry Contacts… remote bulb temperature switch with”C”-Form contacts; mounted inside cabinet.

Air-Bypass Piping… Three valve block and bypass; mounts to inlet/outlet connections; shipped loose. MWP 200psig