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Fine coalescer provides oil free air for industrial applications such as spray painting, injection molding, instrumentation and control valves.
Unit of Measure


Flow Capacity at 100 psig (6.7 bar) Pressure

N/A 375 scfm637 nm³/h

Connection Size

N/A 1 in1 1/4 in1 1/2 in

Connection Type



N/A 27 in


N/A 6 in


N/A 11.3 lb

Replacement Element Model

N/A E 5-36


N/A M (Electronic Filter Monitor) T (Drain Plug) D (Internal Automatic Drain) L (Liquid Level Indicator) G (Differential Pressure Gauge)


N/A 1




N/A Hankison® SPX®

Modular Housing Material

N/A Aluminum Steel Zinc


N/A Modular Type Housings

Technical Specifications

Maximum Operating Pressure (Drain Plug)

N/A 300 psig20.7 bar

Maximum Operating Temperature (Drain Plug)

N/A 150 ºF66 ºC

Minimum Operating Temperature (Drain Plug)

N/A 35 ºF2 ºC

Maximum Operating Pressure (Internal Automatic Drain)

N/A 250 psig17.2 bar

Maximum Operating Temperature (Internal Automatic Drain)

N/A 150 ºF66 ºC

Minimum Operating Temperature (Internal Automatic Drain)

N/A 35 ºF2 ºC

Air Quality/Pressure Drop

Solid Particulate

N/A 0.01 µ

Remaining Oil

N/A 0.008 ppm

Dry Pressure Drop

N/A 1 psid0.07 bar

Wet Pressure Drop

N/A 3 psid0.21 bar

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Hankison® filters remove more contaminants with less pressure drop through housings that have large flow areas. Compare the operating pressure drop of competitive brands and remember that for every extra 2 psi of pressure drop, power input needs to be increased by 1%. A systems approach has been used to allow for convenient matching of filter types to achieve the air quality you desire, while comprehensive third party testing guarantees performance to CAGI (Compressed Air And Gas Institute), ISO (International Standards Organization) and PNEUROP (European Committee of Manufacturers of Compressors, Vacuum Pumps and Pneumatic Tools) standards.

With a greater selection of filter grades, more models to choose from and worldwide technical and service support, Hankison® offers a systemized solution for your compressed air quality needs.

Quality Compressed Air

Quality Compressed Air

N/A A typical compressed air system is contaminated with abrasive solid particles such as dust, dirt, rust and scale, compressor lubricants (mineral or synthetic), condensed water droplets and acidic condensates and oil and hydrocarbon vapors.

If not removed, these contaminants increase pneumatic equipment maintenance costs, lead to instrument and control failure, contribute to poor product fit and finish, and contaminate processes.

The right Hankison® filter or filter system will remove these contaminants allowing your compressed air system to deliver the quality of air required by your application - whether it's plant air, instrument air, medical air or helping to ensure consistent output quality while minimizing operating costs.

Engineered for Efficiency

Modular Housings for Flows through 780 scfm

  • Manufactured from top quality aluminum, zinc and steel
  • Chromated and epoxy powder painted (interior and exterior) for added durability and corrosion resistance
  • 300 psig (21 bar) maximum working pressure (tested to a 5:1 safety factor)

Easy to Operate

N/A Differential Pressure Gauge
  • Differential pressure indicators
    • Indicates optimum time for element change - maximizing your element investment while minimizing pressure drop
    • Large, easy to read gauge face
    • Dual faces allow housings to be mounted in any flow direction
    • Can be mounted remotely
    • Switch for remote indication available
  • Slide indicator
    • Changes color when filter element requires replacement
    Liquid Level Indicator
    • Allows visual monitoring of liquid level and signals the need for preventative maintenance to avoid downstream contamination
    • Manufactured from thermoset polyurethane, compatible with synthetic lubricants
    Internal Automatic Drains
    • Pilot operated, pneumatically actuated to reliably discharge collected liquid
    • Viton seals - compatible with synthetic lubricants
    • Inlet screen for additional protection
    • Discharge fitting threaded to facilitate drain line connection

Easy to Install

  • Modular connections allow housings to be connected in series easily, while saving space
  • Wall mounting bracket optional
  • Can be mounted for left or right entry
  • New space saving design reduces service clearances

Easy to Maintain

  • 1/8 turn, self-locking bayonet head to bowl connections (through 1 in.)
  • Push on elements make element replacement quick and easy
  • If housing is not depressurized before disassembly, escaping air gives audible warning
  • Captive O-ring
  • Ribbed bowls allow use of C spanner
  • Color coded elements for easy identification



  • Withstands temperatures to 150 ºF (66 ºC)
  • Push-on elements provide simple replacement
  • Piston type seal keeps unfiltered air from by-passing element
  • Stainless steel, corrosion resistant inner and outer cores
    • Low resistance to flow
    • Seam welded durability
  • Matrix blended fiber media
    • Large, effective surface area ensures high efficiencies and minimizes pressure drop
  • Coated, closed cell foam sleeve
    • Resists chemical attack from oils and acids
    • Ensures high efficiencies by preventing re-entrainment of coalesced liquids
  • Chemically resistant end caps
  • Silicone free

Element Grades for Enhanced Performance

Element Grades for Enhanced Performance

N/A Grade 5 High Efficiency Oil Removal Filter
  • Designed for coalescing fine water and oil aerosols
  • Removes solid particulate to 0.01 micron
  • Maximum remaining oil content (Filter efficiency has been established in accordance with CAGI standard ADF400 and is based on 100 ºF (38 ºC) inlet temperature.): 0.008 ppm w/w
  • First Stage - Multiple layers of fiber media and screen remove larger particles, pre-filtering the air
  • Second Stage - Multiple layers of bonded, blended fiber media for fine coalescence

Total System Protection

Element Grade

N/A Grade 5

ISO Performance Data

  • Removes 99.9999+% of solids 0.01 micron and larger.
  • Remaining oil content < 0.08 ppm/w.
ISO 8573.1: 2010 Air Quality Class:
  • Solid Particles - Class 1.
  • Remaining Oil Content - Class 1.

Where Applied

N/A Upstream of desiccant dryers
Downstream of refrigerated dryers
At point-of-use if aftercooler/separator installed upstream

Accessories and Options

Accessories and Options

N/A The HF Series is supported by a complete line of accessories and options making filter installation and differential pressure monitoring easy.

Versatile Installation

Filter Connectors

N/A Easily connects filters in series.

Wall Mount Bracket

N/A Provides installation flexibility.

Pressure Monitoring

Differential Pressure Gauge

N/A Two color gauge face indicates element change-out based on differential pressure.

Electronic Filter Monitor

N/A Predicts the optimal time to change the element.

Condensate Management

No Air Loss Internal Float Drain

N/A Effectively removes condensate without loss of air.

No Air Loss Mechanical Drain

N/A Reliably removes condensate without need for electricity.



N/A Drain plugs standard. Externally mounted automatic drains are available.
Time-based Filter Monitor recommended.