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  • RCD Series

    Energy Savers

    Gardner Denver RCD cycling refrigerated dryers provide stable 33–39°F pressure dew point control with automatic energy savings operation. Cold energy storage system is precision engineered to guarantee that the refrigeration compressor uses no energy for at least 10 minutes during every cycle.

    The controller continuously monitors the cold energy solution temperature to maintain the dew point selected and maximize energy efficiency. Ample solution volume and temperature controls ensure the continuous delivery of dry compressed air long after the refrigeration compressor has turned off.

    Voltage: 208–230/1/60 available on RCD200–600 models. 208–230/3/60 additional charge on RCD3250–12000 models. 575/3/60 additional charge on all models.
    De-rate dryer capacity by 17% for 50 Hz.
    Standard dryer enclosures and controls meet NEMA1.
    For 208–230/3/60 incoming power applications, purchase 230/1/60 and simply drop a leg at installation (200–600 only.)
    Models 200–600: Maximum operating pressure 225 psig; Maximum inlet temperature 120°F
    Models 3250–12000: Maximum operating pressure 150 psig; Maximum inlet temperature 130°F; ASME pressure vessel; UL listed refrigeration and electrical components; CSA listed electrical components

  • GDH-Series

    Global Air Treatment

    Gardner Denver DGH Series Heatless Desiccant Dryers were designed to help you meet your goals. Customizable performance technology is integrated into our standard product so it can be tailored to benefit your specific critical compressed air drying application. Now, you have the liberty to personalize the performance of the standard product to adapt to your specific needs.

  • Pressure drop at rated flow is less than 5 psi
  • Standard voltages: Controllers automatically identify and adapt the controller:
    Basic: 100-120V/1ph/5-60Hz;
    Standard and Energy Savings controller: 100-240V/1ph/50-60Hz & 12-24 VDC
  • NEMA 4 Standard Feature with Standard and Energy Savings controllers

    Inlet flows are established in accordance with CAGI Standard ADF-200: Dual Stage Regenerative Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers-Methods for Testing and Rating. Conditions for rating dryers are: inlet pressure of 100 psig, inlet temperature saturated at 100°F.

    Average purge flow rate is the amount of purge air used during the regeneration portion of the purge cycle (purge/repressurization valve open) plus the volume of air used to repressurize the tower after the purge/repressurization valve closes averaged over the cycle time. At 100 psig, the average purge rate is: 14.4% (13.7% for regeneration + 0.7% for repressurization) of rated inlet flow for dryers operating on a 10 minute cycle; 15.5% (13.7% for regeneration + 1.8% for repressurization) for dryers on a 4 minute cycle.

    Outlet Flow: To determine flow of air available at outlet of dryer, subtract purge flow from inlet flow.

  • DPB-Series

    The DPB Series process design offers the end user the opportunities to significantly reduce the energy costs associated with achieving a reliable -40°F (-40°C) pressure dew point. This is achieved by eliminating or reducing purge air requirements (compressed air utilized to regenerate desiccant beds) typical of other desiccant dryer designs.

    Inlet Flow capacities have been established at an inlet pressure of 100 psig (7 kgf/cm2), and a saturated inlet temperature at 100°F (38°C). To determine maximum inlet flow at other conditions, multiply the inlet flow from the Specifications Table by the multiplier from Table 1 that corresponds to your operating conditions.

    Dew Point: Outlet pressure dew point at rated inlet conditions of 100 psig (7 kgf/cm2) and 100°F (38°C) and 70°F (21°C) atmospheric dew point is -40°F (-40°C). Dew point varies slightly at other conditions. Consult factory to determine exact outlet pressure dew point at your operating conditions.

    Outlet Temperature at normal rated conditions (after temperature spike) is 127°F (53°C). Outlet temperature varies depending on inlet temperature and pressure.
    Consult factory to determine exact outlet temperature at your operating conditions.

    Available voltages: 460V/3ph/60Hz, NEMA 4 enclosure
    Non-standard conditions contact customer service.

  • RNC-Series

    Global Air Treatment

    RNC Series refrigerated air dryers are engineered to benefit you today and tomorrow from the tradition of durability that is Gardner Denver.
    Quality components and engineering excellence meld to ensure you of a stable 38°F +/-4°F pressure dew point. These exclusive compressed air preparation packages combine reliability, cutting-edge design, and innovative packaging into a single space saving unit. The air quality delivered from an RNC Series dryer may define the difference between moderate and superior results from your plant’s processes or systems.

    RNC Series dryers benefit you with:
    1. Four levels of Intelligence Controller (I-Controller) packages to allow you to customize the RNC Series dryers to meet your specific requirements.
    2. Select Heat Exchanger arrangements to ensure you get the right combination of value and efficiency in every size. This secures your investment today and tomorrow with energy efficiency.
    3. Combination Separator/Filter that incorporates our 99% efficient 3 micron Grade B elements. This ensures you of consistent water removal (especially under low flow conditions).

  • RSD-Series

    Global Air Treatment

    Many years ago, Gardner Denver set the standard for energy efficient rotary screw air compressors. The goal was to combine the rugged simplicity of the screw compressor with the energy efficiency of the big old reciprocating compressors. We called the new technology the TurnValve™ and introduced it with the Electra-Saver® Air Compressors. Now, almost half a century later, the legendary Electra-Saver® is still one of the most energy efficient designs your money can buy for plants with changing air demands.

    Today, Gardner Denver continues that tradition of providing energy saving solutions to help you increase profits and reduce power costs. Challenges for energy efficiency and dew point stability are answered with a technological breakthrough in energy efficient refrigerated air dryer design. We call this energy saver the RSD Series and it is unlike any energy efficient compressed air dryer technology you have ever seen. Only the RSD Series Digital Scroll Refrigerated Air Dryers offer you.

  • Dew Point Stability: 38°F from 0%-100% of rated flow
  • Energy Savings: up to 91% power reduction
  • Simplicity: less moving parts for maximum reliability

    a. All models utilize R404a refrigerant with Digital Scroll compressors.
    b. All models utilize a standard electric demand drain.
    c. Second electric demand drain is standard when optional integrated Grade E oil removal filter is selected.
    d. Maximum Operating Pressure 200 psig (14 bar), Maximum inlet temperature: 120°F (49°C).
    All models are UL/CSA certified.

  • CTS Series

    The new CTS Eliminator II has been designed as an effective and reliable means of treating lubricant contaminated compressor condensate.

    Compressed air is discharged at elevated temperatures in a saturated condition. Any cooling which takes place through aftercoolers, dryers, or pipelines cause the water vapor to condense into a liquid form, which then mixes with any oil carryover of a machine. This contaminated condensate cannot be disposed of into sewer systems, or onto the ground, without being properly treated.

  • FIL Series

    Global Air Treatment

    FIL Series Filters provide your compressed air system with premium quality filtration for the three typical contaminant types

    1) Solid particles come from ambient air contaminants like dust and from rusted, oxidized pipework. They will cause pneumatic equipment to malfunction, cause instrument and control failures, and contaminate end products.

    2) Condensed water droplets come from the humidity in ambient air. Water will oxidize pipework and pneumatic equipment, ruin paint finishes and end products.

    3) Liquid oil and oil vapors are introduced by compressor lubricants and by hydrocarbon vapors present in ambient air. Oil-free compressed air is particularly important in food and pharmaceutical processes.

  • DS2-Series---Evacuator-Drain-Valves

    A full family of zero air loss, energy efficient demand drains. Ruggedly designed to effectively and reliably prevent moisture damage to dryers, air tools, gauges, and other critical components.

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